Five for Friday: Cumbrian Cottages, Careers and Beautiful Bathrooms

You may have noticed that I’ve published this post on a Sunday – rather later than Friday, as the title suggests. Meeting with friends, sipping peppermint tea and watching Whiplash seemed more important, (have you seen Whiplash? It’s an incredible film!), but I hope this list of links will be useful to you on a rainy Sunday, regardless!

There are technically only three weeks of winter left, which means Spring is right around the corner. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for little buds appearing, or slithers of sunlight on my bedroom wall,and I’m excited for all those ‘new beginnings’ to show themselves to see what this year brings us. ūüôā But for now, it’s a drizzly Sunday in February, which probably means curling up warm and looking for indoor entertainment. To that end, have you read¬†anything online this week that really stood¬†out for you? I can think of a few things, and this week they¬†mostly centre around careers and creativity (with a little bit of interior inspiration thrown in there too)…

I abso-lute-ly¬†LOVE¬†Emily’s bathroom. How’s that for a before and after, hey?! (Also, I love her honesty about the professional shot thing really making the after look infinitely better, but no-one can deny just how beautifully she’s made it over anyway). I’m usually so tentative about wallpaper, but bathrooms is definitely somewhere I can get on board with pattern and colour.

I found this article really interesting – why isn’t there more of this on the internet at the moment? Or am I just looking in the wrong place? (The comments are definitely worth a read too by the way).

I need to get better at finding adjectives to describe interiors, as right now all I can come up with is ‘relaxed’, ‘lived-in’ and ‘handsome’ in reference to this beautiful cumbrian cottage, photographed by Lou Archell. It’s lovely, isn’t it? And what do you think of the colour of that tongue & groove panelling!?

Jen Carrington is a fountain of inspiration, wisdom and good guidance, and I’d recommend signing up to her weekly newsletter if you’re in need of a little bit of that right now. This post (from her blog) is one of my favourites¬†and I think it’s probably worth printing out and sticking to the wall above my desk. What do you think?

Finally, my colleague sent this¬†around on Friday, and despite the difficult nature of the content, I really implore to read it, if you can. It’s a Ted Talk transcript about rape, responsibility, forgiveness, guilt and more, and while it will undoubtedly make you feel uncomfortable (at the least), I think it will show you something new to look at that you’ve never seen before.

What are you up to today?¬†And what have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comment section below, and feel free to include links to your own blog posts – I’d like to read what you’re writing too!

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